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I wasn't blown away by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe either. It was better than the average film adaptation - I mean, it didn't leave me bitter, having destroyed my childhood dreams, which is what usually happens - but it didn't really capture the magic of Narnia for me. The first bit with the Professor was probably as close as it got.

Originally Posted by Tones
There was a particularly nice bit with Digory (the Professor) at the end, after the credits had started rolling, which relates back to the prequel and is also kind of prophetic towards Prince Caspian too.
I don't remember whether the book made it so explicit that
the Professor had been to Narnia himself
. It certainly hinted at it, but I thought it was more implicit. Hmm.

Still, that bit was appreciated. Stopping to stand in the aisles at the cinema, like a gimp, is always fun.

Originally Posted by scabb
The score was nice, and I did enjoy the fact that the grown-up version of Susan was played by "Big Suze" from Peep Show, but that was about it!

Narnia has more potential, though. Give it to a better director! Like Tones!
Oh man, I didn't notice Big Suze. That's hilarious. Presumably not an intentional in-joke!

Last night Ricky Gervais told viewers of the British Comedy Awards that they should be watching Peep Show. Which is good!

Still, I'm not sure this particular slice of Narnia did have more potential, you know. There isn't much to the story, and there's even less to Prince Caspian. It'll be interesting to see what they do there.

Roll on Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

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