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Originally Posted by master_skywalke
On-topic: Are there actually changes on the LE 2005 DVD set (I know it are actually the 2004 SE's)?
I haven't picked up a copy (I didn't want to waste my money), but from all reports, they are identical to the previously released DVD set, except different packaging and losing the bonus disc for $10 off the original list price.

But I bet if you shop around you can find the 2004 set for the same price or cheaper than what the LE set is being sold at now. A lot of fans have also posted up high quality "new covers" to use for your Star Wars set, ranging anywhere from the Laser Disc covers, the definitive editions, the "faces" covers, the original movie posters, and new ones, etc.

In DVD circles we talk about the "double dip" wherein a company releases the same movie more than once on DVD but the second time with just slight improvements or slapping in some more extras. This isn't even a case of that, so really there's no reason to buy the new set if you own the old one unless you're dead set on owning two copies of the same movie with a different box.

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