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Originally Posted by ilwugoalie
That thead that kookaburra has the link to in there post, is the same thing we putt up here.... speculation. I dont see anything on there that is solid news. when the conclusive word comes, its giong to come from LA. The man has such an ego, that he wont give someone else the opportunity to pull credit before he can.

Dear ilwugoalie,

Let me point out a few things reguarding to your pevious post. Firstly I do NOT have a BIG ego. Secondly I am giving everyone plenty of oppertunity to get credit to find Kotor III rumours news and speculations. I am just sharing in what I mind what other people say about Kotor III. If you want to find Kotor III news for yourself and want to take the credit for it by no means do so. I am a sharing person and like to share what I find with other Kotor fans. If you have a problem with this please don't bother looking at the Kotor III news.

Yours Sincerly


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