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Obi Wan took the ship into hyperspace after dumping Tara’s clone into space then returned to the cargo hold to discuss the situation. After listening to several useless ideas from Yoda, Mace and Tara, he raised his hands and the room fell silent. He turned to Tara.
“Didn’t Anakin teach you to construct droids on your own?” Obi Wan asked Tara.
Tara nodded.
“As long as you provide the parts, I don’t have that much money.”
“That we will do, Tara, I need you to construct an RM-619 Assassin Droid as quick as possible.” Obi Wan said urgently I can get you the parts from my hut on Tatooine and there’s a workbench there too.”
“Wait, wait,” said Mace fearfully. “You mean to tell us that you were planning to construct an assassin droid to murder the Chancellor?”
“Palpatine is a Sith Lord, Master Windu.” Obi Wan pressed.
“Yes, but assassinating a political leader is not what Jedi do.” Mace argued.
“Palpatine is a threat to what we have always stood for. Sometimes, we have to resort to drastic measures.”
“I will not let our beliefs crumble just because you want to end this tyranny quickly instead of taking it slow.”
“Taking it slow will cause the lives of thousands of people to be lost.”
“That is a risk we have to take.”
“It is not a risk, it is a certain fact. An unchangeable fact. If we do not act soon, the galaxy will be shrouded in darkness. I will not let that happen.”
Mace sighed and shook his head.
“I will agree only if you promise to decommission the droid after its use is over.”
Obi Wan nodded and said,
“No problem.”
************************************************** ****
Tara tightened the screw and stepped back from the droid she had been working on for the past three weeks from blueprints supplied by Obi Wan. Obi Wan smiled at her and told her to go and freshen up before they tried it out. Half an hour later, Tara returned. Clean and tidy.
They carried the droid outside, and drew back a safe distance from it, lest it blows up. Tara pushed the button with the Force and the droid hummed to life. It turned to them in a smooth motion and stood there. Tara deactivated it again and walked up to it. She inserted the program chip into the droid and switched it on again.
“Greetings, Master.” It said. “I am a fully functional RM-619 unit at your disposal. Obi Wan proceeded to give the droid its instructions.

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