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Name: Viper
Age: unknown
Faction: CIS
Weapons: Custom Duel Rapid fire Blaster Pistols, 3 Thermal detanators, Electro Staff, Radiation grenade, Custom Sniper rifle, wirst rocket launcher, wrist poison darts
Equipment: Jetpack, Suit (resembles Jango's but is yellow)
Class:Bounty Hunter
Strenght: Speed, Gun handling, Quick thinking, Piloting skills
Weakness: Hand to hand combat

Viper jumped over the coarpse of the clone he had just killed. The had been assighned to keep the CIS in the game. The CIS were taking heavy losses and the republic had the upper hand. Viper's mission was to hold a creek bed. Once it was in the hands of the CIS Viper would lead the attack in space against the republic. Viper saw the droids gathering at the creek bed. He stopped. He had heard something. He used his jetpack to get up high and landed on a shoot 25 feet above the ground. The republic...they were trying to flank them. They were going to take them from behind unless Viper stopped them. Viped dropped down and broke the back runners neck without making a sound. the others hadn't noticed. Viper got out his pistols and blasted the rest to hell...his rapid fire pistols filled their backs with laser they had no idea who had hit them....his identity was safe. If the republic knew he was there they would hunt him down. He was a bigger threat than any droid....


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