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Name's Johnny
Age is either 20, 2, or 90, depending on who's opinion you're asking
Location: Can't you tell by gazing in awe upon my awesome hat!
Occupation: Carpenter, Grand Poobah of Mojo, modding noob Lv.0
Description: A Mystery within an Engima wrapped up in a Parody.
Reason for stinking up this joint: I got kicked out of SWKnights for having such excessive mojo that the forum girls just kept starting spam threads about me (or it could have something to do with playing SWBF2, could be either one, can't tell for sure)

So, what's fun to do here, can I get some stuff from your fridge?

The Binary Theory of Life: Inside the box = bad... Outside the box = good...
Sanity is the highest form of oppression.
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