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If you saw Episode 3, you'll get this

Robot-It's a boy
Sasha's mom-Sasha
Robot-It's a girl.
Sasha's mom-Caligosto
Sasha's mom-There's good in him. I know there is....still ~Death~
Robot-She's gone, so sad.

Meanwhile, far far away on Thorney Towers island, Sasha's father is being worked on in a suit for severe burns. Emperor Cruller watches over this.

Sasha's dad-Where is my wife? Is she safe?
Emperor-It seems that in you anger you killed her.

That proves many whacked out things
1. Dr. Loboto is Sasha's brother.
2. Loboto is a chick!
3. Ford is the Emperor of the sith.
4. Sasha's father is the chosen one.
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