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Red face Public Service Message

Originally Posted by venom_tyrant
...We played SWBF1 And SWBF2 continously for 26 hours. The only times we stopped were to feed and go empty our bowels...
There have been a lot of people dying recently because of extensive gaming. Don't forget to take breaks once in a while and eat healthly food. All those drinks that keep you awake are not healthly. They are filled with harmful drugs (any chemical that affects your body is a drug, that includes medicine. Drugs aren't just things like pot.) If you can't stay awake through strength of mind and need drugs to stay awake, you shouldn't be staying up that long.

I don't keep track of my highest kills, but I remember getting around 270 points in a very long 1-CTF map online. Just about everyone had at least 100 points.

I shall read the next dead gamer article and see if you stopped posting...

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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