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Fire Walk with Me had a giant emotional impact on me, just a movie that took about a month to get out of my head, but it may not have the same effect on you because it really is so subjective.
Oh, tell me about movies' emotional impact on a person, I've been influenced by a lot of cinematographical masterpieces.
I haven't been able to attain the film yet, but I'll give it another try the following week.

But I still feel like I need to do something to make sure quality in television doesn't die, because it's such a writer's medium. A lot of the best stories in the world can't be told in two hours or less. I can't let let such a fine way of storytelling be murdered by a bunch of Studio Executive Idiots.
True. But that's why the great resource of the Miniseries was invented. I really like some of this short shows. In here we have a channel called Europa/Europa which basically presents any non-American movie (they'll show "Odishon" in two weeks ) ; and they recently aired a European miniseries based on the seven sins, certainly worth it.

Though you may want to try out Whedon's short-lived speculative fiction series called Firefly, which takes place five-hundred years in the future where the Earth superpower learned to terraform other planets and moons to be habitable, and they drop off the lower classes off at these planets with maybe food and blankets to try to survive. What you get is a mix between sci-fi and western that works really well.
I heard about Firefly, I liked the concept, but I'm not a huge fan of "Special-effects" abundant shows (the reason why I didn't watch it, was because I lost the first episodes out of imbecility, and they cancelled it in a couple of months). But Westerns and Science Fiction are great, and they can't go wrong if managed correctly.
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