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Smile How could the CIS lose?

This is a bit of random debate I have with some friends, which was sparked mainly by the clone lab and droid factory sequences in AoTC. So I thought I would bring it here and see what you all think. Our debate is, that it seems rather weird that the CIS could lose the war.

Sheer mass of numbers and cheaper logistics would suggest that the CIS could surmount anything the Republic could muster. The clone troopers which appraise the bulk of the Republic's army, while superior fighters in terms of skills and tactics, take an extremely long period of time to grow and train.

Even assuming the 'accelerated' maturation techniques could bring a clone from zygote to adult in a year, then proceeded to hand said Clone a blaster and told them to go shoot something. It still makes them vastly more irreplaceable then the ranks amongst the Droid army. That's not even taking into account, the insane cost of growing and feeding millions upon millions of troopers. This isn't even taking into account, that the fact that since the Clones are humans, they are vulnerable to disease, sickness and have to treated for injuries prior and after an engagement.

Contrawise, excluding the more advanced Droid models (like Droidekas and IG-100's), the droids can be produced en mass, rapidly.(In say, a month at worst) They require no more maintenance other then to keep them operational. If they are damaged or destroyed in combat, oh well, they can be recycled cheaply for new droids.

The only real logical swing factors, it seems to me, are the Jedi and Chancellor(Emperor) Palpatine. The Jedi would undoubtably increase CIS casualties, and operating costs but in the end would eventually get trampled by the vastly superior CIS numbers.

The only really thing that would cripple and likely end the CIS ambitions are decapitations of CIS leadership..unfortunately, unless you count an occasional hot headed Padawan or Knight, I don't really see Jedi doing this. *shrug*

Which means, that any orders for decapitations would have to come from the main Republic Military, which are under the control of Palpatine. While it was Palpatine’s intention to create war, so that he could gain control, I got the impression he didn’t really care which Army actually won control of the Republic. In fact, it seems more in Sith nature to see which army was the strongest, which is more logically the CIS.

But those are just my thoughts. How about you guys?
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