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Originally Posted by ZeroX2
You should just need to have the .gob file in a known folder, and then open Jedi Knight Patch Commander and do the following.
1. File>Add Patch, browse to the .gob file and load it. It'll appear in the main window.
2. Double-click the SBX patch, and the light bulb icon will light, indicating that the patch is active.
3. Load Jedi Knight from within Patch Commander via File>Launch Jedi Knight.
See, this is why I'm feeling especially dim-witted: I've tried all of the above, and failed. The only way I've found to make it work is by making a short-cut that includes the following command:

"C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight\JK.EXE" -path SBX -devmode

Though I do wonder: Should I try putting a copy of the gob file into the MotS Episode (or Resouce) dir as well? Or will it suffice to just have them in the JK directories?
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