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Star Wars: Imperial Assault 2

Noticed that there wasnt a link or topic anywere around here, so I decided to make one.

IA2 Will feature Several News Sides:
New Republic (IA1 Remake)
Empire (IA1 Remake)

Here are *Exclusive* Renders of the rebels tanks from IA1 that have been made to EaW quality, known as the T3-B. Anyone else play force commander?

Side by Side Comparison with its EaW Brother (For Scale)

And What Game is complete without the REAL tie tank, shown next to its EaW brother.

Anyway, check us out at

And just to clarify to anyone who thinks IA2 and LoW renders look really similar, they do, Im in charge of render for both IA2 and LoW. So both renders to come from both mods soon

EaW Modding "Nexus" Admin

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