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So I owned melord last night..

Here are the demos: -- Melord on THC server laming a bunch of newbs and getting kicked from server. -- Melord on KoTp server laming some newbs and talking ****. -- Melord engaging me in a kick duel, and after I destroy him he starts to run for health like the pussy he is, then he kicks me once and I fall off the ledge and he says he owned me. Then I challenge him to a duel and utterly rape him, especially considering I *NEVER* duel. Then he immediately leaves. And considering all the **** he's been talking to me on the forums here the past day about me pussing out from fighting him..LOL

If you don't know how to view the demo:

a) Put demos in gamedata/base/demos. If you don't have a demos folder, go into base and create one.

b) Open JKII, play, play demo, select the demo.

c) Don't press any buttons during playback.

Good game, newbie melord.
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