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278. Running into other players that are arrogant only for it to later be replaced by ass kissing/bowing with saber off pretty much refusing to fight, after they fought you a few times.
I hate arrogant players but I hate asskissers more. At least arrogant players SOMETIMES put a fight, I dont go onto servers to have people bow to me everywhere with sabers sheath. . . Im there for a fight GDI
279. NOT lookin for a challenge
280. Sitting on a server talking
281. Not fighting
282. Screwing with gravity setting,ect.
283. Being killed by someone or several someones, usually from behind/surprise attack, then that same someone/someones sheaths their saber an calling it laming when you kill them back with their saber still sheathed.
284. Using the term laming.
285. Kicking people for anything other than lag an/or dueling interference
286. Caring about people killing those with saber down
287. Reffering to ANYONE as the best(other than myself, lol)
288. Matching an taking it seriously
289. Declaring yourself better than someone after winning/killing 4-7 times
290. Not playing with force regen high enough that you cant drain someone dry an grip-kick-kill someone an low enough that you cant use protection all day long, on an off everytime you fall down so you never die unless you get your balls drained off an even then still survive sometimes.
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