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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
It's not just the stories though. It's the characters. The great thing about television series is that if enough happens, a character in year 3 will give little resemblence to the same character in year 1.
You got me there. There is more character evolution in a television series, but I still believe that most TV shows are junk.
ooOoh. IFC is the closest channel we have to that, but they don't show Odishon. If you're into Miike, you should check out "Gozu".
I'm still in the process of getting FWwM, but I'll give Miike a try on my vacations.
I know what you mean. But to praise Whedon as god in one more instance, the writing is always much more important on his shows than his visuals. It is one of the many shows that Fox destroyed, but it's got a huge following and I wouldn't be surprised if you were easily able to get your hands on the (episodes in intentional order) DVD.

You into Star Trek at all? I'm certainly not a Trekkie by any means, but I'll watch syndacated reruns of Next Generation if on. It's definitely more science fiction than fantasy, without a doubt.
I think Firefly is avalaible, did it last for long, or was it cancelled right away?

I have never seen Star Trek, the story didn't appeal to me, and the retro channel stopped airing it. But, I should have given it a try, I guess I was turned off by the cult of the show.
There was a TV program I really liked, I think, but I cannot remember which one was :P.

Originally Posted by Charie
Er.. sorry, what kind of Stalker, exactly?
Actually, Stalker is a 1979 movie by a Russian director called Andrei Tarkovsky. It is an excellent film, but it might seem slow or boring to the amateur film-viewer. Since Jofa and I are obsessed with cinematography, I thought I might recommend the film, so as to discuss it later with him. I think that in Russian, the title of the film lacked the obscure meaning.
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