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Christmas? Hehe. Surprisingly, I will be not there where I wanted to be, and I felt kinda sad about this, so I changed my mind and decided I want to be somewhere else, so now, and even more surprisingly, I will be there where I want to be. Hey, this ain't bad, huh?
So, uuhm should be like .. into the club at 1 (as in "it's dark outside") - I don't really know. - out of the club at 4 (as in "dusk").
Yah mon, indeed, my life's way beyond being more than a complete mess and all, but I like Berlin for offering the opportunity to go deeper into that for further investigation and to waste time, health and chi.

However. The sooner I party myself to death, the sooner I have valid prove at hand for there is no god, or if there is I can be sure about having to deny his very existence, for him being a farthead and no good father at all. Not to mention mean and stinky. Aaand.. okay, there's something else, but I can't seem to remember it right now, but I'm almost sure it was about 'having acute schizophrenic episodes' or the like. .. Did I say farthead already?

Yeah. Also. It's not about being lovely, honest, nice and giving respect and love to others at 'christmas' - it's about being lovely, honest, nice and giving respect and love to others for your whole ****ing life although most likely you're not going to get something back. So. Errm. Who the hell said it must be for christmas?

Grumpy? No. In love. It's christmas time ya know? Oh yes.

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