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Originally Posted by Charie
El Virus
That Stalker? Oh I ADORE that one. I just wasn't sure there aren't other movies with the same title.
What's that 'obscure meaning' you mentioned? I guess I still don't get it, 'cause for me a stalker is a stalker, a profession. Like firemen not causing fires, stalkers are not stalking. Well, except for hunting for those supernatural objects in the Zone.
So do I miss something?

Mmmmm, it's good to remember good thins.
Oh, then forgive me for the explanation :P.

It's great to know that you watched it. It is certainly a nearly perfect film, very deep and meditative.

The word 'Stalker' in English, the word also referrs to a continued harassment, associated with obsessions and crime. But, as you mentioned, the movie is about the profession. In my country, those who have seen it call it "La Zona" ("The Zone"), so we didn't have that problem.
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