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Originally Posted by JofaGuht
Keep on the quiet, Charie. I haven't seen the film yet.
Ah, don't worry, he hasn't revealed much.

Just remembred a decent TV show. How do you feel about The X-Files? I must have seen most of the episodes when I was a kid.

I've heard about Serenity, now that you mention it.

Oldschool Star Trek wasn't that good but Next Generation was pretty strong. Now, that being said, I'm not recommending the show, I was just wondering if you're into it. I can't get into shows that don't have arcs and stories longer than an episode, and Star Trek was always pure standalone. Yet some of the standalone stories were really strong science fiction. It's fun to watch when on, but I wouldn't go out and try to find the DVDs.
I heard that the First Star Trek was cancelled due to lack of ratings. Most shows today are standalone, and do not include ever-evolving stories as "Twin Peaks" did (remember?, this was the original topic!), others mix both, like "Cowboy Bebop".

Feel like talking Eraserhead?
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