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Viper jet packed upwards to the roof. He withdrew his pistols and started blasting at clones. He got clipped on the back and his jet pack fizzed.
"Damn it!" He shot the clone who had taken out his jet pack. He threw a radiation grenade and it exploded killing all the clones near it. Thank fully his suit protected him and the droids need not fear radiation. Viper heard a roar. He turned. His bombers were here. He ordered them to bomb the paths that the clones were using. More troops arrived too. He saw a droid blast a clone jet trooper. Viper turned back to the clones. Their vast numbers confused him. Were where they coming from? He ordered a bomber to scout and see. As the scout raced into the distance he hear an explosion and the ship flew into the ground. A steady thump...thump....
"It can't be....."
An AT-TE crashed through the CIS forward lines and started firing at thier fort. The fort would crumble. It wasn't that strong. Viper Turned
The AT-TE blasted. its shot hit the supporting wall and Viper fell to the floor outside the fort. A Clone bombarede the ruins with his EMP launcher. Viper grabbed his holster...but there was no pistol.
He looked around. It was no where to be seen. He shot a poison dart at the trooper who was hit in the neck and collapsed. Viper ran back to the ruins of the forward defences and retreaved his pistols. He took a few shots at the clones. But then ran back to the main fort. He ordered everyone and everything to fire at the AT-TE


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