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WIN: Signed copies of Empire At War to give away has teamed up with developers Petroglyph to bring you this amazing prize. Why is it so amazing? Well, this is the first major release from Petroglyph who will no doubt go on to create many more fantastic RTS games and this edition will be limited to just 5 copies, all signed by those who have worked on Empire At War!!

Entering will be easy. Over the next 4 weeks, I will be posting a question in this thread. Every question will be related to either Empire At War, or Petroglyph or the Lucas fan forums. Please do NOT post any answers in this thread or on these forums.

Once you have been given the 4th question, and answered them all, I will then post the details of where to send your answers to. It really is that simple and gives you all the chance to win a small piece of gaming history.

1) The competiton is open to anyone, no matter the country you are from.
2) Only ONE entry per person. If you submit more than one entry, you will be disqualified.
3) In order to enter, you MUST be a member of the Lucas Fan Forums
4) A full list of winners will be published on here once the competition ends.
5) The competiton closes on Jan 27th 2006 ( I will allow for different time zones from around the world)
6) If you are a winner, please allow upto 28 days for the delivery of your prize.
7) May the force be with you.

The Question. (week 1)

A seasoned designer at Petroglyph is working on Empire At War, and also worked on the ground breaking Command and Conquer. What is his name?

<<<<Now write the answer down and keep it safe until the second part next week >>>

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