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The elevator doors in the Hangar levels of Palpatine’s place opened and a fully hooded figure strode in. Every inch of his body was covered by a cloak; his head was shrouded in shadow by a large hood. The figure stayed in the elevator until he reached the 100th level. As he walked out, a stormtrooper came up to him.
“Hey!” he said. “You don’t have authorization to be here.”
The figure turned to face him.
“I don’t need it.” he replied in a synthetic voice. He raised his hand and sent the trooper flying into the wall with one punch. Nodding in satisfaction, he made his way into the Emperor’s office. The place was cleaned up from the Jedi’s strike at the Sith and Palpatine seemed to have no worries as he sat in his seat, looking out onto the great surface of Coruscant. Sensing the approach of a strange personality, Palpatine turned and faced the figure.
“Who are you?” he demanded. “How dare you enter my office without my approval?”
RM-619 threw off his cloak and drew two Sharpshooter pistols from his waist holsters.
“Kicking your Sith butt.”
RM began to fire at the Emperor at full speed, pulling the triggers in the blink of an eye alternatively. Palpatine jumped up and about trying to evade the bolts but eventually the droid would get him and he knew it too. Grabbing his lightsaber from his belt, he jumped in front of the droid and swiped at the droid’s waist horizontally. The droid’s heightened capabilities and excellent joint maneuverability served it well. As the red blade came near his waist, RM bent backwards at his hip joints, making a right angle between his legs and his torso and when the blade was flying away, he straightened up again in a smooth fluid motion.
RM stepped back and raised both his arms. With his right arm, he grabbed the hilt of a Poison-VibroSword and on his left arm, a panel opened and a small canister popped out. A flamethrower.
Working both the weapons in conjunction, RM-619 began overpowering the Emperor. Finally, with one vicious swipe, he forced the Emperor on the ground. As he raised his VibroSword, a red bar appeared through its torso. The droid’s circuitry sparked and it fell over. Behind him, stood Darth Vader.
“I am sorry I did not arrive earlier, My Master.” Vader said.
“Save your apologies, Lord Vader. Find out who sent this droid after me and reprogram it to attack them. These strikes on my Palace will ruin the peace of the Galaxy.”
“It will be done, My Lord.” Vader said with a bow.
4 hours later, the droid was repaired. Vader then accessed its main memory core. Connecting it to a datapad, he went through the data stored in the droid. It was apparently newly constructed by some ‘Tara’ and was ordered by an ‘Obi Wan’ to assassinate the Emperor by any means necessary.
Vader frowned beneath his mask. Obi Wan was the last person he would suspect of doing such a thing. Vader brought his attention back on the droid. He wiped its memory and programmed new objectives: “Track down and kill my maker, then activate self-destruct sequence.”
Vader powered up the RM-619 unit and it walked out without a word.

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