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Aye, that's been covered pretty extesively over at the 'Thumb

The short version is that the only Intelligent Design Creationist in the Dover Panda Trial who didn't seriously perjure himself was Mike Behe - and he was absolutely eviscerated on the stand. Apparently Intelligent Design is - according to Behe's testemony - on par with Astrology when it comes to scientific quality.

Even the Templeton Foundation - who are none too shy about funding inane projects - recoil from Intelligent Design Creationism.

Judge Jones' ruling is available here.

The short version is that he sustains all charges. Intelligent Design Creationism is a religious cult and the Dover School Board knowingly pushed it despite the self-evident violation of the Edwards vs. Aguillard precedent. The DASD science standards thus failed two prongs of the Lemon test and were declared unconstitutional.

It was, indeed, a Waterloo in Dover.

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