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@Herbatic: Thank you! I'm glad you like it. And you guessed right, the v1.6 is the German equivalent of the English v1.1. The number difference is simply because I made the German one first, and after I thought I'd found all bugs I translated the v1.5 which resulted in the English v1.0.

@Dream Evil: As Herbatic said, Mekel has banters with the other party members, too. I would need voice overs for almost each party member (Canderous, Carth, Bastila, Juhani, Mission and Jolee) and of course for Mekel himself. His in-game dialog is way too short to cut and paste new lines as Darth333 did with her Dustil mod.
I tried my best to merge my mod with the rest of the game. I don't like recruitment mods where the new character has only one line like "Ok, let's go!" or something like that and uses the lines of the replaced character during the cutscenes. For me, that's not really a new char. If you don't want to play it just because of missing voice acting, I'm sorry, but this mod will never have it. Too much voice overs to do (and I would need it twice for each language version), and even if it was only for Mekel, I couldn't do that myself, since he would end with a female voice and German accent.

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