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(No I missed)

The AT-TE took it all it was barely damaged. Viper glanced around and nodded at a droid who manned a large cannon.
"Fire at its legs"
"Yes sir"
The droid fired. The shot rippled and copletly took out one of the AT-TE's front legs and most of the front of the AT-TE. It slumped forwards but stayed up but with great effort. Viper than ordered a second shot at it's other forward leg. Viper watched the fron of the AT-TE completly explode. It slumped forwards and crashed to the ground.
Viper nodded to the droid.
Viper led some droids over to the AT-TE to try and establish a command post but the clones were coming in thick and fast so Viper had to fall back.
"Damn it where are they coming from?"
"I have no idea" answered a droid
"Radio in and say we need clear co-ordinace of where the clone are"
"Sir, that will not be possible. We are about to take on the Republic forces in space and you have been told to get up there and lead the assualt"
"What? But I'm not done here....ARRRRHHHH! You!" Viper pointed at a droid (C55-3)
"Your In charge until further instructions from command"
Viper ran back to his ship. It was a moddified ARC-170 fighter. It was the same class as the republic's fighter but this one was heavily modified and decked out in CIS colours of blue and grey. This ship was so much more advanced than the republic model. It was faster. The shields were stronger. The laser cannons were stronger too. And there was some surprises too. Viper took off and entered space and aproached the CIS ship...


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