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"What the...." thought Scur as he stood inside the keep watching the battle. "Zion!! I must try and reason with him." He murmured to himself.
"What master?" said a jedi guarding the room.
"Nothing." replied Scur as he tried to sense where Zion was. He pictured a man on a speeder with the robes flapping spedily behind him. "The reactor!!"
"What about the reactor?!?!" asked the jedi again.
"He's heading to the reactor to destroy the planet!!!"
"Who's going to destroy the planet? And how are they going to do that?"
"Nothing, just remain here and defend the Keep." Scur replied as he hurried out the door with his cape slowly raise and lower a he walked out of the room and into the hallway towards the speeders.

Scur launched out the hangar doors as they started closing. He sped across the terrain as he came up to the reactor. he moved a secret rock and the panel glowed as he pressed the code in. The ground lifted and Scur hurried down the lader towards the reactor.

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