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Name: X
Faction: CIS
Age: -2 minutes
Accessories: wrist knives, grenades, combustion bombs, wrist blaster, surge flamethrower, missle launcher, flichion blaster, shotgun, grappling missle, smash jets and the hellblade, Cliptonacht.
Strengths: loads of equipment, heavy armor, good hand-to-hand combat skill, self-repairing, moves only slightly slower than average, dispite equipment
Weaknesses: can't run, fighting style kills several of own troops, has no skill without weapons available, does not share tactics with other soldiers, has poor reaction speed

Another garrison of droids was deployed. Several droids unfolded from their positions, X was among them. He scanned around. His own droids were all that was within range, so he began walking toward where he was picking up laser activity. As soon as he was ahead of two non-droids, he unsheathed knives from his wrists and switch on his smash jets. X flew toward the enemies and sliced through them before they could react. He was far ahead of them before their corpses fell, and he was picking up more thermal waves, which were easy to read because of the cold climate.

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