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I think that the Kaminion would have said that regardless ^_^ Backing their product

The Droids are no more innovative, then their programming and the orbiting controller(s). It doesn't make them mindless or stupid, just means they lack creativity.

In addition to their mass numbers, we see the droids absorb more damage then a clone. They take 2 or 3 direct blaster hits, limb's get hacked off and they still continue firing with Star Wars-esque accuracy. ^_^ Same can't be said about the Clones.

While the basic Clone Troopers and the Roger-Roger's are equivilantly armed blaster wise, the speciality Droids are more heavily armed/armored and more capable then any Clone. A Solo Droideka can even go toe to toe with a Jedi, and even has a great chance of winning the fight. What clone variation can say the same?

Which in lies the CIS's greatest asset. They can match the best the Republic has, and can replace their loses faster and cheaper then the Republic. It takes years to replace even a lowly Padawan, and the CIS can create an equivilant force in month or more.

And to rub salt on the wound, it wouldn't cost the CIS anymore then the fund it takes to create an automated factory like we see in Ep.2. On a good moon/planet said factory could be totatly self suffienct. Much like the factory, you learn about in the Vader's Fist journal's in SW:BF2.
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