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Originally Posted by Darth_Ave2011
...I don't know. Wait!

1. Smon has been missing for quite some time
2. Tim Schafer is gonna be married(according to the DF news)

Smon might be Tim because Tim is not only working on the new game, but is also planning a wedding! I'm such a genius!


Here I am back from the dead! Sorry, been making Flash Collabs with a buncha people and since tis the season afterall, I've been preoccupied with Mario & Luigi:Partners in Time.

...I am totally not Tim.

I finally came back because I was visited by three ghosts, THEY TRIED TO EAT MY BRAINS. Luckily the GhostBusters showed up and they were all "OMG ITS VOCABULOR" and I was all "Where have I heard that before?" and it drew me back here.

...totally not Tim.

I'm done putting links in my signature because every time I do it just links to some old crap I've long since stopped updating.
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