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Originally Posted by Charie
El Virus, what do you mean 'he'?! I'm very much 'she' and proud of it .
Oh, then much better . Once again, let me apologize for my mistake.

Originally Posted by Charie
Besides, hilarious as hell. Me and my father, who's a huge fan of all Tarkovsky, are constantly quoting our deaest Writer .
Not like my father, besides Stalker I've only seen Solaris by Tarkovsky and still didn't get it wholly. You need to be in a special mood to watch films by that director, I suppose.
I haven't got around to see Solaris, but Mirror (Or Зеркало, its original title I think) is excellent.
My father got me into him, he adores Tarkovsky's works.

You know, Charie, I think you'll be a good asset to the forum (unlike me).

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
In discussion of Eraserhead.....I don't know. There can be very many topics to sprout from it. Any particular point of the film you want to get into? To say one thing, perhaps my favorite part of the film is the final shot, right before it blacks out. I think it's got to be the one of the best final shots of a film period.
The ending is very good, but the ambientation of the whole movie is excellent. It's very symbolical, at least it seems to. I enjoyed the radiator scenes, it has a meaning.

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
X-Files was again mostly standalone. But along with Star Trek I enjoyed it for the intriguing Science Fiction plots, and the chemistry between Duchovney and Anderson. I also recall hearing a recent interview about how if X-Files would've started now it would easily be cancelled in less than a season. Back in the early nineties when people were taking risks though, the x-files lead to be on for nine years
It's a shame no more risks are taken. Last show I liked was "Dead Like me", but you already know that. Let's hope for a good show to come in the next years.
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