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I tried not to spend that much this year. At the most, $10.00 on one person. Of course, my brother's wife, my brother, and my mom all have birthdays this I have to get them additional presents. I don't know how much I spent, but I know I don't have any left.

I'm amazed I've had Christmas with my whole family for so long. Despite my efforts to deny it, each member of my family has a separate life. My mom and dad are split; my brother and sister are both married (well, my sister is actually still engaged, but point in case). So this year, I'll be spending time with each party individually. Christmas eve will be with my mom, brother, and sister (my dad will stop in later to pick me up). Christmas morning with dad, mid afternoon with my mom visiting my brother, and that night I'll have the final act at my mom's. It's fractured, yes, but apparently it means "more loot", despite my argument that I don't need anything.

The rest of the week I have off, and I don't think I'll be leaving this room.

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