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And again, quite subjective. My dad found the Lady to be God and her squashing the sperm to be "clearing him of his sins", and he's dead and in heaven in the end. Others find the Man in the Planet to be God and the Lady to be death. I saw the Lady to be the manifestation of all of Henry's fantasies, both sexual fantasies and fantasies of another life, and the end is Henry gone completely insane and "embracing" the fantasy world in his head.
I'm one of thsoe who viewed the girl as death, and the man as G*d. I haven't thought about Henry's fantasies, but the most troubling thing in all the film has got to be that baby-like creature (I do not know why people describe it as a a worm, it seems more of a vulture to me).

Also, who else was completely freaked out of the bull moving around the room at the end? Ooosh....nightmarish that was.
Pardon me?, if you are still talking about Eraserhead, then I must have missed that.
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