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1. Jolee > all
2. Mission - for her Skills
3. Ordo
3. Carth
4. up tight... err Bastila
5. Hk - his lines were funny, but not that geat a char... plus the droid upgrades for kotor I kinda sucked
6. Juhani - not that great a jedi.. couldnt hold her own in the unknown world... she drped faster then Jolee... =/
7.T3.... not a combat droid, had him open the door n thats it .. would have been better if you could of used him as a work bench like K2
8. Big Z - not that i have anything really agenst him, but his dex is way too low, and the fact he couldnt wear armor... well he got hit... hard..

Originally Posted by redhawk
My streetsmart but sweet, Jedi Mission Vao pwns!
i have that too and she really dose!
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