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Originally Posted by Charie
The most interesting things are just the entirely useless ones, usually, don't you think?
Ironical but somewhat true.

Originally Posted by JofaGuht
Quick new topic till new Lynch film is seen.

I was thinking about overrated filmmakers that I don't like very much. So, Quentin come everybody thinks this guy is the best thing that's ever happened to film? He's not very good. Okay, the Kill Bills were great, but other than that, he doesn't deserve the hype.
I get what you mean; I never liked Pulp Fiction that much, and I only liked the first Kill Bill; however, Reservoir Dogs is excellent. Over all, I think Tarantino's style is not improving.

Overrated filmmakers, well needless to mention that I abhor Spielberg & Cameron.

Peter Jackson (the King Kong re-maker and the guy behind the overrated "Lord of the Rings Trilogy") is in my opinion the XXIst century's alternative to D.W. Griffith.
But Griffith actually brought about some important changes to cinematography, still visible today.

EDIT: Just remembered a good TV show: Deadwood; unfortunately they stopped airing it here, and I lost track of it.

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