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@Darth Rhiath, Welcome to the forum mon, we all might seem a little senile, bratty, rude, or just plain batty at first glance, but we'll grow on you, so stick around and have some fun
[off topic attempt to draw a swk noob into a flamewar] So what is your opinion on using limited ammunition in blasters for KIII, and do you think that the sequel should abandon turnbased combat for a Gaidenesque twitch system? [/ot]
Just kidding, I hope you last a while before your first flambe
Obey the rules in a most mojorific fashion and you will be tolerated by our supreme overlords.

@Fuu, I think Hal has a point there...What did lukedaddy make you do to earn that? Or even worse...maybe you owe your life to tall dark and handsome(Sith) himself

@Aayla, I seem to remember reading a post earlier in the year saying the average age was 8, but I don't think that's correct, although one thing to consider is that some members don't stick around, for example...many people just login to make mod requests and never return, that makes it hard to tell, I haven't seen the poll Bobba referred to, but one problem with making a poll is that not every one would participate, considering that people older or younger might not want to have their age known (kids don't want people to think they're kids, Mission teaches us that and the old folks probably want everyone to think they're younger (insane sith is actually a 90 year old impotent guy in a wheelchair)) so it's really hard to tell...Depending on who you ask I'm 2-13-20-30-90, it's all vague and hazy

You do have good taste in games though, and while I preffer the classic movies...WAR HUH YEAH!!!

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