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Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
That so? I've only heard one. Please tell me what variations [of creation stories]you have heard.
You're kidding right? There are creation stories for nearly every culture past and present: Egyptian, Native American, Maya (popohl vuh), Asian, etc, etc.

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
Also, how can you get evidence from a theory? I suppose you can get evidence for a theory, but a theory is not absolute.
Nothing in science is 'absolute,' and everything in science is provisional. That having been said, a theory provides an explanation and offers the ability to infer, deduce, and/or make predictions. Many predictions have been made from the theory of evolution and these have been born out as true, thus adding to the overall preponderance of evidence.

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
Whoa, evolution has been tested? If you can show where evolution was tested, I'll back down now.
The theory of evolution states that life on this planet is the result of gradual changes over time. If so, then we would expect to see progressive changes in morphology that reflect the adaptation of species to their environments. This is exactly what is noted in the fossil record. The test in this case is this: if the theory is correct, the gradual progression in morphology must be present. It is.

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
Nice link to the world's religious breakdown. But it doesn't provide any viable explanations to life on the planet.

Originally Posted by StaffSaberist

Carbon dating is perfectly accurate, IMO. The Earth is a few billion years old.
4.6 billion to be more precise, but this age is not determined from radiocarbon dating. This form of dating is only relevant for up to 80,000 years (depending on the methodology).

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