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Viper constantly had his fingers on the fire button. He blasted at all the republic ships he could see. His lasers were overheating but he contniued to fire. Once the first wave of ships was out of his way he changed coarse and turned around and started tailing a V-wing. He fired a heat seaker missile which followed it no matter how much it dodged. It hit it's wing and it spiralled out of control and crashed into the replublic cruiser. Viper then proceeded to fire at the cruiser attempting to take out its shields. But with no luck.
"Stay with me" he said as he mover away from the auto turret deffences. One of the Droid starfighters following him was hit and it exploded. A CIS strike bomber was taken down too. The remaining Droid star fighters stayed with Viper. A group of ARC-170 fighters came up behind them and blasted the two droid star fighters out of space. It was only Viper left. He dodged fire. He spun over the hull of the CIS cruiser. A few of the clone pilots followed and met their deaths at the hands of CIS turrets. Viper quickly shot dodged the other fighters and dived. The ARC 170 fighters followed followed by two V wings and a Jedi Star Fighter. Viper continued to dive at high speed. He suddenly stopped. He let a few ARC 170's past then started diving again. He shot the fighters down and then pulled up whilst being covered byt the carnage. The ARC 170 and the V wings couldn't handle the sudden change in volicity. They crashed in a huge pile and exploded. However the pilot in the jedi starfighter was skilled. Not only was the ship faster than most other replublic starfighters it's pilot was very good. He swerved out the way of a CIS strike bomber going in the other direction. The pilot behind him launched a missile. it connected with the strike bomber and the bomber was thrown into Vipers ship. The two ships were connected. Theyn were heading towards the republic cruiser. They were going to crash. Viper tried to pull away but they were too entangled. Viper did the only thing he could he launched a missile. It disconnected the two and badly damaged Viper's ship. He was thrown into the Republic's hanger. The ship skidded across the floor and was almost hit by a fighter leaving the hanger. Luckily for Viper the fighjter veered up and hit the ceiling and dragged along the ceiling until it went into space where it blew up.Viper grabbed his pistols and jumped out of his twisted wreck of a ship...


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