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*sigh* You do understand the book of Genesis, correct? I cannot answer for all religions, but I can safely say that Christianity (and Catholicism), and Judaism, and I believe Islam, three major religions, have Creation.

I see, LV. Got anything better than flames? I think I shall simply return to issues that can be debated civilly. I have yet to see flames posted against me in the 403-3 thread, and it is a model debate as far as the post content goes. But I refuse to debate with the mediablitz type:


i'm mediablitz, you're wrong, I'm right.

wasn't that easier than making a long post?
I might tolerate that if this issue were less personal, but calling my faith bullsh!t is not something I am prepared to give merit. Let's leave it at that.

Deception, the best SP level-set in the world, is done! Get it here!
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