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I think if you were to go back and read LV's comments a little more carefully, you'd note that he said it was "that evolution is against faith" is what was "bullsh**t." Not your faith. If memory serves me correctly from past threads here, LV has the same faith as you.

That having been said, I disagree that we cannot criticize religions. This isn't the thread for it, but why is it that we cannot argue or debate the merits of someone's religion. We debate and argue the politics of others. We debate and argue the legal positions others take on issues like marriage, executions, border security, immigration and the like. But somehow we've all agreed to respect the beliefs of others no matter how irrational they are. But I digress... this is, perhaps, another thread.

Regardless, LV wasn't attacking your faith. Only the notion that your faith cannot co-exist with evolution. Personally, I'm more than willing to attack anyone's faith.

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