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Originally Posted by StaffSaberist
I cannot answer for all religions, but I can safely say that Christianity (and Catholicism), and Judaism, and I believe Islam, three major religions, have Creation.
Not each and every every believer of those religions subscribe to the creation myths, however. There are many that follow the moral and ethical guidelines of a religion without having to believe a word for word accounting of the tales told about creation of the universe and man.
By the same measure not all Darwinists and evolutionists are atheists as well... there's a lot of grey areas and crossover points.

Even within the Christian faith, you can find many variations on the tale of creation itself as you go from denomination to denomination, and even from congregation to congregation: From 7 literal 24-hour periods about 6000 years ago, to the Catholic church's guideline that a Darwinistic process of natural selection doesn't necessarily conflict with the spiritual mission of the church. Most seem to fall somewhere in the middle: that the universe and Earth was created many millions (or billions) of years ago, but that mankind was created with Adam. Or if not crated with Adam,.. then Adam was the first true human that God started working with, and the first with human intelligence and a spirit that could recognize God.

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