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These 'overrated filmmakers' you mentioned, apart from being producers for a great number of blockbusters, have made, I suppose, some of the most expensive public chewing gum, highly promoted product 'for everyone to love'. And the mass of 'everyone' does love; I'm amongst them. Some films of theirs are masterpieces, so to speak, of the tear-squeezer genre, with a little cuteness here, a breeze of drama threre, and huge SPECIAL EFFECTS. Not deep, maybe, but undeniably entartaining. A prefect condiment to take with pop-corn, or vice-versa, and an eye-candy for weary mind.
No wonder they are popular. Popularity, in itself, is a tricky thing. I'm always amazed at how really good, beautiful works are similarly admired along with an utter scum, by some people.

Not that I claim to have a good taste in such things.
By the way, I've never watched Tarantino. A half of 'Pulp Fiction' doesn't count.
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