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i had almost finished it so i thought id complete it and give it to you guys as an early christmas present. enjoy:

The Chyyra dropped out of Hyperspace again. Though, this time, it was not Coruscant that was in front of them, and this puzzled everyone except Obi Wan and the repaired and restored RM-619.
“What are you doing?” Mace asked. “This isn’t Coruscant. It’s Sullust.”
“Yes, Master.” Obi Wan said. “I had a talk with Senator Bail Organa about the present situation while you were getting ready to leave and he agreed to send a full thousand men and 50 Elite Commandos to help us in our mission.”
“A thousand and fifty men?” Yoda asked, startled. “Discovered, we shall be, before entering the Emperor’s Castle, even.”
“No Master, they will come in small shuttles at around twenty men per shuttle and will enter the planet from all side. Once that is done, they will report to the base of Palpatine’s Castle via various modes of transport.”
“That would mean around 53 shuttles. Wouldn’t this operation take time?” said Mace.
“Not necessarily. All the units will come by either maglev trams or by airspeeders. That way, everyone will be on time.”
“Wouldn’t such a large number of men be noticed in the castle?” Tara asked.
“No, we've managed to get our hand on adequate Stormtrooper Armor for the infantry. The will be indistinguishable among the rest of the troopers to the casual eye.”
“Then how will we know whether we’re shooting at a friend or foe?” Tara enquired.
“They have navy-blue bodysuits instead of black. That was the color the Sith used about one month ago. Now it is reserved for the best Stormtroopers, so we won’t only be hidden, but also treated with respect.”
“Right,” said Tara and fell silent.
The ship set down smoothly on the surface of a landing platform set high above a lava river. Obi Wan stared at the lava sorrowfully; then shook his head to clear the bad memories it brought back.
“Stay with the ship, Aarem.” Obi Wan said.
“Affirmative, Master,” the droid replied and went back in.
They walked to the turbolift set in a wide pillar and got into it. At their destination, it stopped and the door hissed open, revealing Bail Organa.
“Masters,” he said with a bow. “It is good to see that you are well; you especially, Master Windu.”
Mace nodded and said,
“Thank you, Senator.”
“Are the troops ready?” Obi Wan asked, getting straight to the point.
“They are in peak condition and ready to serve loyally, Master Kenobi. And you will be pleased to know that young Miss Leia has begun to crawl independently.”
“That sounds cute,” Obi Wan said with a smile. “I wish her good health. Say hello to her mother for me.”
“Of course, Master. Now, if you will step this way, I shall introduce you to the Commanders.”
They began to walk into the base. After a few minutes, they came to what looked like a briefing room. There were around fifty men gathered there, in full stormtrooper armor, the Elites of the Rebel Alliance. Senator Organa proceeded to give them their instructions and locations for landing. Half an hour later, 54 shuttles, containing the ‘best’ stormtroopers of the Imperial army, blasted off from Sullust and entered Hyperspace a few minutes later.

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