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[QUOTE=REDJOHNNYMIKE]@Darth Rhiath, Welcome to the forum mon, we all might seem a little senile, bratty, rude, or just plain batty at first glance, but we'll grow on you, so stick around and have some fun
[off topic attempt to draw a swk noob into a flamewar] So what is your opinion on using limited ammunition in blasters for KIII, and do you think that the sequel should abandon turnbased combat for a Gaidenesque twitch system? [/ot]
Just kidding, I hope you last a while before your first flambe
Obey the rules in a most mojorific fashion and you will be tolerated by our supreme overlords.

Thanks for the welcome REDJOHNNYMIKE
I have met a lot more crazy people than what I have read, I am a part time Sith Lord.
As for Limited Ammo I think they should have done it from the start. Not having to worry about ammo just made it to easy. That Mandalorian in TSL lost his.
Never heard of the other style of combat you are talking about. But I played both KOTOR without the autopause and usually only worried about my character.

I have a question for anyone who wants to reply. Well I finally have time to surf the web and post on forum (No classes and a month long vacation) and I came across this website supershadow. Has anyone seen this? What a bunch of BS this guys is posting.

Thanks everyone for the welcome

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