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He's not that bad of a director, but they have made too much fuss about him. Pulp Fiction is a very good independant film, you should see it one of this days.
I just meant I can't judge him, along with Spielberg&Cameron, since I've never seen his works. As for Pulp Fiction - if I recall correctly, I didn't see the second half of the movie because the first one managed to leave me with a feeling of dirt all over me. Not my theme, I suspect.

You are indisputably right that the film creators should be artists; movies are a form of art, after all.
However, as I've alredy mentioned earlier, I'm not much of a moviefan. I only re-watch sometimes what I've seen before, and to watch something new for me is a big event, usually. I've seen some works by Cameron and Spielberg (in my golden childhood, when I'd still turned on TV from time to time) only because those were hard to miss, televsion constantly broadcasting them.
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