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Originally Posted by VampireNaomi
If you ever get the chance to play any of the GK games, give it a shot.
I am currently trying to get addresses to old-game retailers, so perhaps I'll manage to get some of the Gabriel Knight games. What are them about?

Never played any of those. What do you recommend?
I lost the link to the site where I downloaded/played them.
But some of the sites at the Abandonware Rings have got some titles.
If you want to buy them, anything by Infocom* is pretty good; furthermore, those by Brian Moriarity (the creator of LOOM, what a small world), which would be Whishbringer, Trinity and Beyond Zork.

*This link lets you play the games for free on Java format, try Wishbringer.


Originally Posted by Charie
I've never even heard about LOOM before.

It's a very creative game, based on an interpretation of The Swan Lake ballet by Tchaikovsky.
The game was available for download somewhere, but last time I tried the file/link was broken.
I would kill to get the whole game, with box and all.

As for Grim, it has always been more like an interactive movie for me.
Does the term Literature you used above mean the same as my masterpiece or do you just mean it literally, like 'it deserves to be a book' kind of thing?
With literature, I meant an excellent artistic story; in the format of a masterpiece of a computer game.
I do not think it deserves to be a book, the video game allows you to interact with the characters and situations in a way that no book or movie allow you to.

If this had originally been released as a book, I'm sure it would hold the tiltle it really deserves.
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