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I am currently trying to get addresses to old-game retailers, so perhaps I'll manage to get some of the Gabriel Knight games. What are them about?
The first one takes place in New Orleans in 1993. Gory ritual murders have spread fear all over town, but that doesn't bother one person. Gabriel Knight is a struggling novelist and a bookstore owner who is trying to dig up information about the murders to get inspiration for his new book. Unfortunately the murders have triggered something in his mind and almost every night he suffers from the same nightmare. Eventually it becomes apparent that the murders have something to do with his family history and it's up to him to find out what.

I know, sounds like a cheesy, clichéd B-class horror movie, but it's far from that.

The second and third game have more impressive plots, in my opinion. The second one could be a small lesson for Bavarian history because it doesn't let you proceed before you've read every note and plate in the several museums you have to visit, listened to a tourist track about Neuschwanstein, interviewed a researcher and so on. The bad thing is that if you don't find history interesting, you might feel a little bored.

The third game deals with the same subject as The Da Vinci Code, only that it does everything a lot better than Brown's book.

Basically the GK games are interactive supernatural detective stories that require you to study the history of the given subject and find out what the heck it has to do with the events in present time. Definitely my favourite game series.

Thanks for the links, I'm definitely checking them out.

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