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Originally Posted by Charie
You are indisputably right that the film creators should be artists; movies are a form of art, after all.
In my opinion an underrated art, few people give it the recognition it deserves.

However, as I've alredy mentioned earlier, I'm not much of a moviefan. I only re-watch sometimes what I've seen before, and to watch something new for me is a big event, usually. I've seen some works by Cameron and Spielberg (in my golden childhood, when I'd still turned on TV from time to time) only because those were hard to miss, televsion constantly broadcasting them.
Of course, I watched tons of those movies when I was a child as well as Disney (argh); probably why I'm sick of them now.


Not to ruin the hole Lynch and Overrated Filmmakers and OT Conversations, but-
Anybody into Class-B or C movies? There are three great cycles in TV down here (in I-Sat & the Retro channel), Called Euro Trash (Junk European cinema), Cine Zeta (Argentine movies which do not even qualify as Class-F), and the occasional old "horror and Science Fiction" movie.
But some of the 1940s Class-Bs are great, like the Big Combo.
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