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Okay guys, here's a dumb little thing I did for school...its a riddle, and some literature knowlage is kinda needed to figure it out

Who am I?
Dare you guess?
Do you know?
Perhaps some clues shall inform the best…

My black wings beat
Against a darkening sky,
As I weave tales of beating hearts
And an old man’s eye.

Those tales of Fairyland,
So sweet, so pure!
There you shall find me,
Dwelling evermore.

Nor shall I forget,
My sweet Annabel Lee,
Or the perfect love we shared,
In a Kingdom by the Sea.

Or as I heard a heavenly song,
Even though in darkness I dwell,
I can still hear the song
Of the angel Israfel.

Or my beautiful Annie,
Thinking, as I lay on my bed,
That my soul has gone west,
To the place of the dead.

But lo! Hear the bells!
Brazen, Iron, Silver, Golden bells!
Men fall deep within the spell,
Of those magical tones of bells.

My tales have even fallen
In the Valley of the Shadow
In a knight’s valiant search
For the city of Eldorado.

Or through those several worlds
Oh, they all seem of dreams
But perhaps everything we see
Is simply a dream within a dream.

But who is that now,
Is it a god I see? Nay,
But ‘tis close,
‘Tis the beauteous Isadore.

Think you know me now?
Perhaps I’ll introduce myself.
My name is Edgar Allen Poe.

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