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Dyce stared nervously at the now-blocked cave. Then at the monitor. Not even the heat being generated from the caches showed up because they were overpowered by the amount of radiation.
"Eyol, see if you can match that amount of radiation with anything." he told one of his engineers. The starfighter parts were retracting back to armored position. They Jedi were very horror struck, Dyce wished he knew why.
The computer had analyzed the only possible matches. They all ended in "bomb".
"...where exactly is that Jedi going, and why?" Dyce asked the Jedi with the white lightsaber.
"The main reactor." The Jedi replied. "If he destroys it, the entire keep will be demolished. We must stop him..."
"Then we must get everyone to retreat!" cried Dyce.
"But the Keep is our only sanctuary. If we retreat, we will be overrun. We have no choice but to kill Zion...he is very confused...his thoughts have become twisted into fury and rage, he wants to destroy everything."
"Well we can't reach him now! At least we'll have some chance of survival!"
"Dyce, commander." One of the engineers, Onar Hunde broke in. "Why not leave the planet?"
"How will we do that?!" Dyce asked in a mixture of anger and fear. Hunde pointed at the Grand Starfighter port. There were no Civic troops around, there were enough in the sky to take out twice the size of Eptima's remaining fleet.
Dyce smiled. If they reached those starfighters, they could escape the battle. If they piled all of the Jedi and surviving troops into hovercrafts armored like theirs...
"Let's go for it."

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