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Peter Jackson (the King Kong re-maker and the guy behind the overrated "Lord of the Rings Trilogy") is in my opinion the XXIst century's alternative to D.W. Griffith.
Jackson used to direct b-horror films before his Ring trilogy. Ironic. But I'm not sure he's that bad of a director, I just can't get into him because of the "grandiose" is just something that never compelled me. Not to mention Howard Shore's (who's usually good) sorry excuse for a film score was just plain isolating and headache-inducing.

But I will dig into Jackson for this: the plain overuse of CGI. It's ruining movies and he's one of the front-seat drivers. I mean, Jim Hensen was able to create excellent and epic fantasy films, and he didn't need CGI.

Just remembered a good TV show: Deadwood; unfortunately they stopped airing it here, and I lost track of it.
Did you and I ever talk about Carnivale? If not, let me say that was quite a good show as well. It took me a long time to get into it, though.

movies are a form of art, after all
I've said this before. While I agree on a certain level, I do plan to make films someday, but I'd never really consider myself an artist. I'd always be just a storyteller.

Anybody into Class-B or C movies?
I would indulge in Mystery Science Theatre 3000 from time to time, but I'm not huge into B movies other than that. I do have some old Bela Lugosi collections (a couple of which were his less "successful" films). Oh, and I can't live without my Evil Dead.

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