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Scur started firing back down at the droids from the mountaintop. Suddenly, a capitol Ship came into view and was speeding down towards the surface. Scur noticed it turning trying to level itself as it pointed closer and closer towards Scur's position. "That can't be good" Scur said loud enough for anyone around him(which there isn't) to hear him, as he stared at it. He started running to the slant leading off the mountain when he looked back up the ship was 5 seconds from hitting the mountain.

He decided to change direction and jump off the side of the mountain. The Ship hit the mountain and the mountain blew up into many boulders flying onto the battlefield smashing many droids and clones. Many droids were smashed but the clones took about the same amount of casualties.

Scur rolled down the 18 degree slanted mountainside and soon hit horizontal land and he rolled next to some droids who thought he was dead. So they ignored him and continued blasting away at the clones.

Scur opened his eyes to make sure he wasn't surrounded and he wasn't but some droids were running by him shooting. He waited for the perfect moment to jump. He slowly moved his hand unnoticeably to his back where his sword lay against his back. He grasped the handle of the vibrosword firmly in his hand, as he waited.

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